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September 2013

Costa Becomes An Official Tag & Release Program Sponsor

Costa Tagging Sponsor

The Billfish Foundation is excited to announce that Costa Sunglasses has become an Official Sponsor of TBF's Tag and Release Program! For many years, Costa has supported TBF top tagging captains, anglers, and mates, but now they have upped their ante by supporting TBF's Tag and Release Program. This allows the TBF to continue its tagging education and outreach efforts within the angling community and general public. By coming an Official Tag and Release Sponsor, Costa's logo will now be present on tag and release cards as well as TBF's Release Certificates. TBF greatly appreciates Costa 's continued commitment to conservation.  Read More

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TBF Attends Gulf Restoration Council Meeting in New Orleans

Gulf Council Meeting

On August 28, TBF attended the Gulf Coast Ecosystem Restoration Council Meeting in New Orleans, LA. The council, composed of Governors from each of the Gulf States and representatives from several Federal Agencies, voted unanimously to approve the initial plan outlining the recovery efforts for the Gulf region following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. TBF understands the important role recreational fishing plays in the communities and economies throughout the Gulf of Mexico and will continue to work with organizations and scientists in the region as the recovery effort moves forward.   Read More

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Updates on U.S. Atlantic Swordfish and Bluefin Tuna Management

SwordfishThe National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) recently released the Final Rule for Swordfish Management (Amendment 8) and a Draft Rule for Bluefin Tuna Management (Amendment 7). 

Intended to more fully utilize the domestic swordfish allocation, Amendment 8 established a new General Commercial Permit for Swordfish beginning in 2014. This permit authorizes the use of hand gear, excluding buoys, to harvest swordfish and legally sell to authorized swordfish dealers. Charter/Head Boat vessels on non-for hire trips will also be able to harvest and sell swordfish to authorized dealers. However, the rule established a special Florida Swordfish Management Area with an initial retention limit of Zero swordfish for both Charter/Head boats and individuals with the new permit.

The Draft Amendment 7 proposes several potential alternatives which include quota reallocation, seasonal longline closures in the Gulf of Mexico, and opening the DeSoto Canyon and Florida East Coast to a limited number of longline vessels - a proposed alternative of particular interest to TBF. NMFS is also considering TBF’s recommendation to allow the Gulf of Mexico a sub-quota of the total bluefin tuna Trophy Angling category for incidental catches.

TBF is currently preparing comments for Amendment 7 and will soon request TBF members to send letters to NMFS on this very important issue. To read more about these issues in TBF's Advocacy Center,  Click Here.

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Students Party for a Purpose at Costa Greekfest 2013

Greekfest  2013Last month, the University of Alabama’s Greekfest committee and Costa Sunglasses hosted its annual Costa Greekfest for 12,000+ students to “party for a purpose.” Every year they host a big party to welcome the students back on campus while also giving proceeds to non-profit organizations like TBF. The students had a full slate of great and diverse group musical acts to enjoy. The concert’s headliner was Hip-Hop star, Wiz Khalifa, who followed, Dispatch, a progressive-rock jam band and local Tuscaloosa band, Mother Funk. We thank Costa and the University of Alabama again for their generosity and inviting us to be a part of this great annual event. Read More

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Check Out TBF's New Store, Membership, and Donation Pages!

The Billfish Foundation is excited to announce the complete overhaul of TBF's Store, Membership, and Donation Pages. The new user-friendly online store will allow you to find the TBF gear you want to wear to show your support of TBF. Easily locate tagging supplies and other great TBF branded gear from some of TBF's sponsors.

The new Membership Page now allows several features including the ability to set up recurring membership contributions to allow you to contribute year-round to The Billfish Foundation and qualify for higher membership premiums. The new Donation Page allows you to make a donation to a specific campaign or program and specify where you want TBF to use your conservation dollars!

Check out the new pages and be sure to make sure your TBF membership is up to date and you have plenty of TBF gear to show your support for billfish conservation!

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