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GOM Marlin Tagging Competition Begins May 1! 

GOM Marlin Tagging Competition 2015

Captains, anglers, and boats can participate in TBF's Annual Gulf of Mexico Marlin Tagging Competition! The competition runs from May 1st through September 30th and will count tags for both blue marlin and white marlin in the Gulf of Mexico (West of the 82 W Longitude). Tags submitted to TBF will automatically be counted towards this competition, but only active TBF members can win! 

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 ACT NOW! Keep Australia Open For Fishing!

Keep Australia Open!

It has been more than four years since Australia began the process of designing and implementing its national system of marine reserves encompassing all of its federal waters. These reserves are threatening to shut out anglers from iconic billfishing grounds in places like the Coral Sea and have devastating effects on local economies. The needs of important users like anglers were not addressed and government assessments have failed to adequately capture the true impacts these reserves would have. Fortunately plans to implement these reserves were postponed and anglers have been given a second chance to make comments and be heard in another round of public consultation.

Please let the Australian government know they need to strongly emphasize the need to comprehensively review all relevant science and the importance of working with stakeholders like the sportfishing community to ensure maximum economic and conservation benefits are achieved. 

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Billfish Bill Morphology

Broken Bills

Rostrum: a funny word used by scientists to describe the “upper jaw prolonged into a long stout spear with round cross-section.” To anglers, it’s known as a bill and is what makes marlin, sailfish (Istiophorids) and swordfish such incredible creatures. Fossil records date the first signs of an elongated upper jaw in fish to more than 20 million years ago. The evolution of the bill clearly gave the species a great advantage in catching prey and has led them to be the extremely effective hunters they are today. How exactly the bill is used varies by the species and this unique adaptation has also gotten a few billfish stuck in some curious situations.

Tagging Tip from CVL

Tagging Tip

As an extra precaution to secure a tag on the tag applicator, most crews wrap a rubber band around the tag to keep it snug against the tag stopper. Loading a new tag on the applicator can be tricky though once the rubber band gets wet and difficult to grip. The crews down at Casa Vieja Lodge have come up with the simple solution of tying a piece of floss around the rubber band. Simply wrap the floss around the band with a few half hitches and leave a short thread of floss that can easily be gripped to slide a new tag under the rubber band. This easy fix only takes seconds, but will save valuable time, especially when releasing multiple fish!

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Spearfish Spotlights Youth Winners

Spearfish 22

Spearfish 22 is hot off the press and ready to reach youth anglers and students world-wide! This issue honors youth members who particpated in the TBF Tag & Release Competition and demonstrated a passion for sportfishing and a commitment towards billfish conservation. Also enclosed in this edition is info on SeaQuest Kids and baby billfish. Contact the TBF office to request copies and look for more Junior Conservation Angler Spotlights in upcoming issues!

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TBF Publications Now Available Online!

Ever wonder what science has come from The Billfish Foundation? Several published pieces that highlight some of the work TBF has done since 1986 are now available to view online. Check them out here!

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TBF's online database tip: Not sure how to log in? Or how to submit a release record in TBF's Tag & Release program? - Check out our tutorials page!  


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