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2017 TBF Tag & Release Ceremony

The “Crazy Cuban” Emcees TBF’s Awards Ceremony – February 17!!!!

2016 Rybovich Winners

 "Fly” Navarro, of Fly Zone Fishing, otherwise known as the crazy cuban will emcee TBF’s Tag and Release Awards Ceremony sponsored by Makaira Adventures, Marina Casa de Campo, Floy Tags and Sailfish Brewery on February 17 at Jungle Island beginning at 6 pm. Join Fly and TBF’s new Board Chairman Keith English to honor this year’s conservation award winners by making your reservations on-line or by calling (954) 938-0150 ext. 107, 113, or 115.

20echo - A New Tag & Release Progam Sponsor & conservation tool for science

The Billfish Foundation (TBF) proudly announces that 20echo is its newest Tag and Release Program sponsor. The partnership will bolster data collection by giving anglers a fast and fun way to capture weather and physical oceanographic data at the exact spot of a billfish tag, release, or recapture, simply by taking a photo and uploading it on 20echo.com. If the fish is tagged, enter the tag number before uploading the photo and TBF will have benefit of the data. 20echo.com  will be in attendance for TBF’s Tag & Release Ceremony answering any questions and giving demonstrations for the application. Read more here.

NMFS Receives Application to Allow Pelagic Longline Vessels into Closed Zone

Credit to National Marine Fisheries Service

Dr. David Kerstetter of Nova Southeastern University desires the NMFS to authorize 7 pelagic longline vessels to fish for 12 months within the northern portion of the East Florida Coast Pelagic Longline Area as a part of a research project. The research is proposed to evaluate the conservation effectiveness of the closed area by comparing fishing results within a portion of closed waters to those in waters currently opened to the gear. An additional 24 months of longline fishing in the area is a requested option in the application for an Exempt Fishing Permit. The NMFS accepts public comments on whether to grant the permit through February 16, 2017 at nmfs.hms.pllefp@noaa.gov

 TBF will strongly counter this issue and will need your help! Stay tuned.

TBF’s Tagging Program Heralded

A recently released analysis of the NMFS Cooperative Tagging Program between January 2006 and December 2015, by Caitlyn Savoia, a graduate student at the University of Miami, documented that during those years the Program received the lowest number of tagged and recaptured reports, which collect valuable science data. The author lauded TBF’s implementation of its self-entry, on-line data entry system for tagged, released and recaptured billfish, not only for science but for its outreach to engage the sportfishing community to continue tagging, releasing and submitting data. Read more here. 

Dennis Friel, TBF’s 2017 Artist of the Year

Ways to support TBF

TBF is excited to announce Dennis Friel as our artist for 2017.  Dennis’s vibrant print “Combustion” would be a great addition to any art collection.  Members joining or renewing at Striped Marlin levels and above will receive this dramatic print! Read More

Tag and Release Online Database: Did You Know?

Ever wonder how many black marlin were tagged in 2008? You can do your own research or just poke around the data for fun! Click "Explorer" then "Do Your Own Analysis" and see how many fish have been tagged and released over the years.

 Email your comments to:tag@billfish.org

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