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Credit to National Marine Fisheries Service

State of Florida Opposes Longlines in Florida’s East Coast Closed Zone. The State of Florida’s Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission submitted a letter to the NMFS opposing approval of the Exempted Fishing Permit that would allow six pelagic longline vessels to fish for three years in Florida’s East Coast Closed Zone. Read more here.

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Angling Categories Southern Area Trophy Fish closed March 20, 2017

Gulf of Mexico – ONE INCIDENTIALLY CAUGHT trophy large medium or giant per vessel remains open; but bluefin measuring 27 to less than 73 “ is NOT OPEN in the GULF of MEXICO. Read more here.

2017 HMS Atlantic Vessel Permits Available 

The NMFS now has its 2017 HMS vessel permits ready to be sold.  Remember DO NOT check the Shark Endorsement block unless you desire to fish and land sharks or you want to fish with non-offset circle hooks all the time – in tournaments  and outside of tournaments. Read more here.

NMFS issues 2016 landings number for Atlantic marlin and roundscale spearfish: 

Meeting of the US Advisory Committee to ICCAT

Members of the U.S. advisory committee to ICCAT, including TBF’s Peter Chaibongsai, met in Ft. Lauderdale in March to review current research and management strategies reviewed by ICCAT, a treaty organization, at its November 2016 meeting.

Costa Rica Gives Away 95% of Tuna Caught in its Waters

Based on a recent study by the National University of Costa Rica it was documented that 95% of tuna caught within its waters are caught and taken from the country by foreign vessels.  In exchange, the foreign fleets pay $904,000 in license fees only and take the fish to other nations to be processed, even though Costa Rica has a fish processing establishment. The estimated value of the 95% taken out of the nation’s waters is $62 million. Costa Rica then imports all the tuna consumed or sold in the nation Read more here.

Western and Central Pacific Fishery Management Commission

The Western and Central Pacific Fishery Management Commission took baby steps to improve the Pacific bluefin stock by requiring conservation and management measures to be developed and presented at the December 2017 Commission meeting. The drafting committee was tasked with developing rebuilding measures that will allow the stock to rebuild to 20% no later than 2034. 

Tag and Release Online Database: Did You Know?

Our new beta site is back up and we would love you to try it out! Besides a new modern look, there are great features included that we think you will like. Right at the top of the page, you'll see your stats for the year as well as for all time. In addition, a list of those who are in the lead is included. Another great feature is you can now easily renew your membership right from your dashboard. Check it out and as always, let us know if you come across any bugs. Email your comments to:tag@billfish.org

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